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Planning and Technological Capability are the Basis for Creating Lingerie that Makes Women Happy

The type of lingerie desired varies greatly depending upon the generation and lifestyle. Atsugi focuses on the concept of the age segment in order to deliver pleasant, beautiful lingerie for each generation. To this end, we are involved in product development that employs analysis of trends in the fashion market, research on women's preferences in each stage of life, and actual customer opinions collected in stores. Also, we plan and develop new products by conducting repeated fitting tests. Another pillar supporting our lingerie business based on the age segment is our manufacturing base and technology already developed for pantyhose. For example, we have developed systems for supplying uniform, high-quality products in a stable manner by utilizing the latest production facilities including circular knitting machines, shaping knitting machines and inspection machines. In other words, planning capability to precisely meet the needs of our customers and technological capability/manufacturing facilities to realize this goal, the two strengths are the driving force behind our ability to produce lingerie that makes women happy.

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