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Pantyhose, Socks

Introduction of Business (Pantyhose)

Our Engineers Work Continuously to Develop Global Firsts from Atsugi!

Delivering high-quality at a reasonable price is extremely important in the manufacture of products. However, Atsugi sees another policy as being important, namely to create new value while meticulously improving existing products in order to attain customer satisfaction. To this end, Atsugi constantly listen to its customers so that it can grasp the functions and designs that will be required for the next generation of products, and strives to develop innovative products without being bound by conventional concepts. This approach to manufacturing is made possible by Atsugi's engineers who dedicate themselves to the development of pantyhose, and the integrated manufacturing system where the company is responsible for all processes from product planning and development to production and sales. These processes are closely linked with one another so that we can meet the strong requests of women in a timely manner. This basic approach, which has been adopted by Atsugi since its establishment, has contributed to the development of an array of global firsts from Atsugi.

Introduction of Business (Socks)

Offering Leg Fashion and Comfort that Crosses Genders and Generations

Based on production technology and facilities developed for pantyhose, Atsugi delivers a wide variety of products in the area of socks. In particular, with the technology developed for Supporty pantyhose applied, ribbed socks can be considered Atsugi's major products in this field. Under our manufacturing system which integrates thread processing and dyeing, knitting, pairing, setting, inspection and packaging, Atsugi provides a total lineup for all consumers including women, children and men. We have devised the rib-knitting technology and which results in beautiful stitching and eliminates common problems such as slipping and looseness. Moreover, fashion trends in the market are reflected well before in our sock designs, as we seek to create products that satisfy our customers with regard to both comfort and fashion. Because these products are simple, we will further pursue high quality and reasonable prices. Atsugi's passion is the driving force behind the development of a wide variety of socks.

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