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Secret to Smooth Product Supply Lies in the Power of Collaboration at All of Our Sites

A system for smoothly supplying the products that customers are currently looking for. This is Atsugi's network system. Based in Ebina, kanagawa Mutsu as main factory cooperate closey with their satellite factories to supply high-quality products in a stable manner. In 2003, the plants in Yantai, Shandong, China began full-scale production. With the Atsugi's stringent quality control system, and the effects of superior cost competitiveness in China, we have established a system for delivering high-quality products at a resonable price. Atsugi's network sysytems directly connect the entire operation from product development and production to logistics and sales, and supply products speedily and in a timely manner by taking advantage of the power of collaboration. Our dfficient and flexible control systems contribute to enhancing the trust of customers.

Headquarters (Ebina-city, Kanagawa)

Mutsu Factory (Mitsu-city, Aomori)

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