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Environmental policy


Atsugi recognizes environmental issues as critical for all human beings. We regard symbiosis with communities as extremely important and promote environmental management activities under the themes of "gentle to the environment" and "gentle to people."


Being an integrated apparel company working on planning, sales, and distribution of garments including stockings, socks, and innerwear, we implement environmental preservation activities based on the following.

  1. We strive for product planning that reduces the impact on the environment.
  2. We strive to reduce waste and promote the effective use of resources so that pollution related to our services (sales and distribution) will be reduced.
  3. We seek to promote the saving of energy within the Atsugi Group (headquarters).
  4. We strive to prevent environmental pollution.
  5. We make efforts to reduce the change in climate, apply to the change in climate, and protect biodiversity and ecosystem.
  6. We fulfill compliance obligations comply with the environmental laws, regulations and agreements.
  7. To improve environmental performance, we strive to continuously improve the environment management system.
  8. We will actively strive to slove environmental problems through our corporate activities.
  9. We communicate this policy to all people who work at our company and for our company, and endeavor to raise awareness of environmental preservation.
  10. We disclose this policy to the public.

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