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Contributing to the Comfort of Those Who Care for the Elderly

We are entering the new field by taking advantage of the technology we have developed for the production of pantyhose, socks and lingerie. The new business is elderly care products. One of the representative products is a powerful portable deodorizing toilet. The core technology of this product is adapted from technology used in the pantyhose manufacturing process which controls air flow to facilitate the free manipulation of threads and materials. A curtain of air is created around the toilet through the application of this technology, so that odors will not leak outside, and these odors are absorbed and broken down by powerful deodorizing units. This product has dramatically eliminated the odor problem that made both those who receive care and those who care of the elderly people feel uncomfortable. Since the product has been released, Atsugi has received positive feedback for its outstanding deodorizing effect from customers who had previously used conventional portable toilets. We are challenging for a new field and developing high value-added products in the areas of socks and underwares, We, Atsugi carefully consider the elderly and the physically challenged. We propose a wide range of plans for resolving the problems of our customers and for helping them realize a comfortable life.

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