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President's statement

Turning Industry Instability into an Opportunity for Growth

Atsugi's history began when Rokusuke Hori established Atsugi Henshoku Inc. in 1947. Since thenóbuilding a history of more than 70 yearsówe have tried to contribute to the beauty and comfort of all women. Since our establishment, as the top brand and leader in the industry, we developed seamless stockings, pantyhose, and Supporty stockings ahead of the times.
We have been able to attain our position as an industry leader through an integrated production system in which we are directly involved in all aspects of product planning, development, manufacturing, sales, and logistics. Our integrated production system allows us to beat our competitors in delivering to our customers the latest products that only we can create with our unique product planning expertise that enables us to create value-added products, technical expertise developed over many years, and our dedication to quality.
We are now in the midst of major changes. We view these changes as an opportunity to capitalize on our strengths and develop Atsugi into a global company with strong brand power.
We are committed to the beauty and comfort of all women by providing products that exceed the value of the price tag. As a corporate citizen, we strive to remain accountable to our employees, shareholders, business partners, local communities, and all other stakeholders to enhance corporate value.

Hiroshi Kudo

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