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President's statement

Atsugi, founded in 1947, has engaged in corporate activities with the themes of "beauty" and "comfort" in the belief that people will always strive to attain life enrichment. Atsugi has since continued to stay ahead of the times, quickly capturing needs, and has worked with integrity on manufacturing. With the strengths of its independently developed technology, Atsugi has constantly offered innovative products with reliable quality and a sense of security and safety, including seamless stockings that Atsugi created for the first time in Japan.

The world is rapidly changing and there are many social issues in the environment surrounding us. Values and lifestyles are also changing significantly. Envisioning a society where everyone can believe in his/her own possibilities and in order to realize what you can do one by one. Atsugi has redefined its goals and the value that it shall deliver to all customers and stakeholders. Defining its purpose as "For the present and a future that are comfortable for skin and heart" and its vision as "Atsugi, a FeelWear manufacturer that stirs the emotion through skin comfort," Atsugi will contribute to society as a company that delivers FeelWear (clothes that are comfortable for skin and resonate with users) that goes beyond the conventional category of hosiery and underwear.

From Atsugi as a hosiery and underwear manufacturer to Atsugi as a FeelWear manufacturer. From Atsugi contributing to "beauty" and "comfort" to Atsugi that creates the present and a future that are comfortable for skin and heart. Atsugi will create underlying values sought by customers and society as new values that bring various realizations.

I appreciate the understanding, support, and guidance of all stakeholders who continue to support us.

Shinji Nikko

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