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Quality policy

  1. We undertake activities based on the corporate philosophy and standards for action of the Atsugi Group, and provide high-quality, stable, secure products that are always ahead of their time, and strive to improve customer satisfaction.
  2. We have established a quality management system for providing products that meet the customer needs based on the view that the "customer comes first" and work to continuously improve the effectiveness of this system.
  3. We comply with laws and regulations related to product quality, and strive to develop the trust of customers.
  4. We have set quality targets based on quality policies and implement related activities. We also routinely review the targets and work toward continuous improvement.
  5. We have established an organizational structure to implement activities for the quality management system, and strive to facilitate an understanding of the quality policy and raise awareness for quality improvement.
  6. We review quality policy routinely, and revise it if necessary to maintain its suitability and effectiveness.

ISO 9001

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