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Corporate philosophy

Purpose:Meaning of existence

For the present and a future that are comfortable for skin and heart

Why does Atsugi exist in this world?
It exists, through products and services that are comfortable for the skin and heart, to create a world where everyone can be optimistic at the start of every day and get excited about the future.
We have been considerate of users and provided products that have direct contact with the skin. Utilizing our knowledge, we offer products by further thinking out of the box.
We believe that our products can support all customers so that they can believe in their potential and live their envisioned life.

Vision:The goal we should aim to achieve

Atsugi, a "feelwear" manufacturer that stirs the emotion through "skin comfort"

What does Atsugi want to be in the near future?
The answer is "to become Atsugi, a "feelwear" manufacturer that stirs the emotion through "skin comfort"."
"Skin comfort" contains our wish to "make both skin and heart comfortable" by "products that are comfortable for skin."
And, we want to raise the level of our products so that they will impress users in order to provide our customers with feelwear (clothes that comfortably contact the skin and resonate with users) that goes beyond the conventional category of hosiery and underwear.
Atsugi intends to offer feel-wear that "stirs the emotion" of each customer by thoroughly pursuing skin comfort.

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