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Social media policy

Social media policy

In regards to the operation of the Atsugi Group social media official account, the attitudes and behaviors that must be adhered to are set forth as follows.

Definition of social media

Social media refers to media that allows communication with multiple unspecified users based on an individual’s posting using Internet or web technology.

Basic policy

Atsugi Group employees must comply with laws and internal rules set out by Atsugi when using social media, and must always post information with consideration of behavior that does not deviate from the common sense of a wholesome society as a good member of society.

Preparedness for participation in social media

Employees must understand that information posted to the Internet can be accessed by multiple unspecified users, that once posted information cannot be completely deleted, and that posts by individuals may become an evaluation of our company. Employees must listen closely to others’ posts and always behave responsibly.

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